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Morningside Ski Goggle Package w/ Bonus Lens & Hard Case

Morningside Ski Goggle Package w/ Bonus Lens & Hard Case

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Morningside Ski Goggles provide a stunningly wide view with our premium cylindrical lens and adjustable, stretchable elastic strap. Enjoy effortless lens changes with our revolutionary magnetic lens quick change technology and an anti-scratch, anti-fog dual lens for a clear view no matter the weather. Our POW viz+ high contrast lens ensures peak performance for a truly unbeatable skiing experience!

Morningside Ski Goggle Package Includes: 

  • Ski Goggles: Morningside Magnetic Ski Goggles
  • Lens: Arctic Blue, VLT 20%, All Weather Lens
  • Lens Shape: Spherical, provides a wide field of vision, reduce glare, and minimize distortion. Excellent for varying terrain and conditions.
  • Bonus Low Light Lens: Cherry Frost, VLT 39%, Low Light Lens
  • Strap: Black
  • Case: Hard Case
  • Accessories: Ski Goggle Pouch, Lens Pouch & Lens Cloth

Common Questions:

Q: What is the difference between the Morningside and Rambler goggles?

A: The Morningside goggles are a little taller from top to bottom and narrower from left  to right and have a cool frameless design which seems to be quite popular right now.

The Rambler Goggles are a little narrower from top to bottom and wider from left to right giving you a wider field of view. Both goggles include an everyday lens, low light lens, hard goggle case, goggle pouch and goggle cloth.

Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
Comfortable and Easy Lens Change

These googles were recommended by a friend because the lenses are so easy to change, which is very true. They are also comfortable with just the right amount of fit on my face - not too tight or too loose.

Paul Paroline
Bold Morningside goggles

I wore the bold Morningside goggles for the first time on a very sunny day. I was very impressed with the quality overall of the goggles. The lenses are held in place quite firmly with the magnets. I have had other magnet lenses before and they did not hold this firmly, always worried that if I did fall they would pop out. The feel of the foam on my face was very comfortable and the clarity of the lens was superb. I would say brilliant. It seemed to enhance all of the detail that was on the mountain. Also, I like the strap that has a coating that sticks to your helmet .
The goggles come with a molded storage case that is semi firm and closes with a zipper. Also comes with a protective bag for the goggles and an extra protective sleeve for your extra lens and a cleaning cloth. The price range of these goggles is also another important issued to me. I would imagine to pay more into the high-end range of $300-$400. for this quality.
I would definitely purchase these goggles again.

Mariana Ferrao
It fits perfectly!

Amazing and cheap!

Kevin Heneghan
Great goggles cool price

I picked these up at a whim at a popup store in steamboat. I have nice Smiths but had spent 20 minutes the night before trying to swap lenses. The magnetic lenses are fabulous. The fit is good and I don’t have anything bad to report. I am glad I picked them up. I also got the frameless version for my daughter. She loves them. Very happy so far

High Quality

Bold's goggles are very high quality but at a fair price. I purchased the Morningside and have worn them most of my 100+ ski days this season. Hoping Bold will come out with replacement lenses, especially for very low or very flat light conditions.

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